About SoCal JaScreen shot 2013-02-26 at 1.43.18 PMzz

It is SoCal Jazz Society‘s aim to help students and the public at large have a clearer understanding of what makes improvisational music such a worthwhile study, and to encourage the enjoyment of this art form with increased awareness.


SoCal Jazz Society is a member of AERO and Arts Empower


Mission Statement:

The SoCal Jazz Society is devoted to increasing the enjoyment, understanding and interest in the American art form of Jazz Music by providing in-school classes, master classes and private jazz music education, as well as concerts and the promotion of jazz events in the Southern California region.
Philosophy Statement:

We believe that an understanding of the arts is an integral part of a rich life experience. Life without artistic endeavors is reduced to the mundane aspects of survival. We believe that music is not an extra part of the full American experience, but at the heart of our experience. It is through our music that we tell the stories of our past and our hopes for the future. At the same time music expands our understanding of each other, helps us communicate beyond words, and brings us together in focus for our future.

We believe in the power of musical interpretation and improvisation. Music taps into the mind’s desire for personal expression. It nourishes intellectual thinking through the study of advanced music theory’s complex rhythmic structures, while allowing each individual to reveal their own experience through personal improvised versions of their own making.

We believe that jazz music celebrates the democratic principles of liberation, freedom of the spirit, and the right to soar above adversities. According to Gerald Early, historian on African American studies, jazz celebrates the promise of our society. “Jazz is a kind of lyricism about the great American promise and our ability to live up to it.”  Jazz, through its history has been a powerful vehicle for expressing personal vision through cultural enlightenment.

We believe that the basics of Jazz Music should be taught to children. The concepts elementary students learn in history, literature and mathematics are supported and expanded with this American music. The students can exercise their brains in novel ways, not available tin the general curricula.  Music theory sharpens one’s math understanding, the music’s topics reveal history through the eyes of those who felt it most strongly at the time; and music opens up possibilities of self-expression not accessible through other core subjects.

Additional Information:
SoCal Jazz has a track record of successful jazz music classes in elementary schools. Here are some of the reactions to the program from teachers, students and parents.
SoCal Jazz works in cooperation with radio station, KSDS Jazz 88.3, the Jazz Association of Greater San Diego, which includes JAM (Jazz Association Members, Jazz Ambassador Musicians, Jazz Association Musicians) and J-JAM (Junior Jazz Ambassadors) to increase opportunities for students of Jazz and established musicians.
By donating to the SoCal Jazz Society, you are helping to increase artistic awareness of Jazz Music in school-aged children throughout San Diego County and to broaden the opportunities for local jazz musicians.
History, Theory, and Creative Expression through America’s original music, Jazz.

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